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Pet Deshedding Brush

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Pet Deshedding Brush

This Pet Grooming Brush is sharp enough to remove dead hair, but 100% safe to avoid any harm to your pet while brushing and detangling. It is one of the best Pet Deshedding brushes for dogs to shed and lose weight. This outer part of the brush teeth is soft and rounded, creating a soothing massage effect for your dog or cat as it brushes, detangles, and detangles. It is a great comb for detangling and detangling long-haired cats and dogs.

This Double-Sided Dog Brush easily removes dead skin paint because it doesn't fly away. Its skin massage ensures better blood circulation for a healthy and shiny coat. It is perfect for medium and long-haired pets. It is a lightweight handle and slips rubber for comfortable support and stability. You can enjoy your grooming time with this pet brush.


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Rubber
  • Size: 1 Count
  • Colour: Black and Blue
  • Mark: Pat your pet


Greatly Removes Tangles, Knots, and Mats ‚ÄstThe stainless steel teeth are sharp enough to smoothly cut through the toughest mats, tangles, and knots that¬†prevent pulling hair. Great for¬†shaping, finishing, thinning, and de-shedding, creating a soft, smooth, and shiny fur¬†in minutes. Also,¬†it increases blood circulation¬†and will give your¬†pets pleasure.

No Scratch & No Pain ‚ÄstThe rounded ends of teeth¬†do not hurt your pet‚Äôs skin¬†but it is great for massage, please gently brush on sensitive skin.

Durable & Eco-Friendly ‚ÄstThis mat comb is made of stainless steel that¬†prevents rusting¬†and is a¬†non-toxic material. And the strong handle will last a long time.

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